Just a few tips for Fighters

When you first arrive in the lands, it is easy to get lost. When you start to gain strength, and start to travel, it is easy to be "karma bombed" because you don't know the unwritten rules. Even when you advance in the lands, it is easy to get killed, and even more easier to kill off you party because of a simple mistake.

Because I am a fighter, most of the advice here is targeted toward fighters, however it should prove to be good study material for healers and mystics alike. I hope that this will help make your life in the Lok’ Groton Isles a more pleasant one.

For new exiles.

For progressing exiles

A few thoughts for advanced fighters

These thoughts are not only for you, but more of a reminder for me .

  • It is sometimes a hard task, but being kind and forgiving towards the un-kowing new exiles is important. As you advance daily, so do others. That "bunny" that kept being killed, may someday help you in a tight spot.
  • Try to help new exiles by educating them in a kind manner. This can be a VERY hard and frustrating task, but if these new exiles are educated properly, it will enhance the quality of life in these god forsaken lands.
  • By now you will not need these tips, but it is always a good reminder that: