A Short History of the Order of the Midnight Sun

Order of the Midnight Sun


It all began with the meeting of two exiles during the Ripture Wars. These two exiles, Greywolf and White Wolf both of the People (some may call us Fen’Neko), found each other by accident while fighting off waves of undine.
It did not take long for the two to realize that they fought as if they were made to fight together (*1), and that they were to become trusted brothers in arms.

(*1) It was much later that the two found out that they were from the same tribe, and were born in the same village.

White Wolf

Shortly after the first Human Unification War, White Wolf, still a child was kidnapped along with other children of his tribe by a rouge unit dispatched by Mobius, and was to be taken to train as spy for the Emperor.
However, as Mobius’ unit were transporting the children by sea, a large storm caused the hull to snap, and the ship never reached it’s destination.
Some call it pure luck, but after many days adrift at sea, White Wolf and a few others were rescued by a convoy of Thoom merchants.
Many years later, and well after Mobius’ troops conquered the lands, White Wolf found his way to the Lok’ Groton Isles where he heard that there were others that would be willing to mount a counter attack against Mobius himself.


Greywolf, on the other hand, was raised in the northwestern valleys as the son of the leader of the Tribe of the Midnight Sun. Well studied in the arts of combat, he rapidly climbed in ranks, and was selected to command a group of Fen’Neko fighters in the great war.
However, Mobius’ armies swept through the lands swiftly and with such might. Greywolf and his troops did not have a chance. He was captured and exiled to these lands, and was left to suffer with the memory of all of fine men that he lost at war.

Many years later.

As waves of undine flooded the lands, and the riptures sucked the lands in to the voids, the exiles began to unite. T’was during this time of chaos, that White Wolf and Greywolf formed a small but tight battle unit of 5, along with Kevin (a dwarf), Silver Wolf (Fen’Neko), and Puffy (human). At first it looked as if it was a lost battle. Exiles running aimlessly were sucked in to the voids, and the careless caused great fatalities. However, hope was not lost. When the exiles started to work together, and as different battle groups coordinated their efforts, progress is what they saw.
With the exiles united, finally the tide of the battle started to turn, and the exiles finally won back their land.

After this close victory over the voids, and as the exiles started to filter back in to their lands, this pack of five also broke up to find their place in the new formed world.
Some time later, these five found themselves reunited again in the new world. Happy that peace was in the lands once again, but knowing that it would not last for long, these five exiles formed a close circle named the "Order of the midnight Sun" (named in memory of brothers and sisters in arms, that were lost fighting evil).

It was one year later that Greywolf, a founder and the first leader of the "Order of the Midnight Sun", was found missing. In a short note, written in blood on the floor, Greywolf left his last order, to have White Wolf lead OMS and to some day, help unite the clans so they may free those who are exiled.


Some History of Clan members



Cat Brightfur was a natural born skinner. From that first day that her grandfather gave her a skinning knife she was skinning some of the toughest beasts to skin. Known for her quality of work, for the Maha Fur that she wore with pride, and for her skill in trade, she was to made a fortune even before she reached maturity.

One evening as she was finishing off some trade with a Darshak merchant, she felt her strength leave her body. The Darshak had laced her ale with some tangle-dust. By the time she woke up in a cell in Ash Island, all her possessions were lost.

Found by some fighters that were raiding the Horde, she escaped to the town of Puddleby. There she was the envy of many for her skills, but unlike the roumors of "piles of gold that she had hidden away for herself" she was one of the poorer exiles on the land. Spending all her money on training fighters, equipping healers with the best that was available, and raising troops to attack the Darshak to regain what she had lost. Not the money, but her pride.

****Flash News***** CAT - Missing in Action

Cat Brightfur was last seen in the east forest in the year 535 on the 15th day of spring. The roumors had said that she was kidnapped by the orga, however a short note was left on the door step of White Wolfs hut telling him of her departure from the lands. The note read as follows:

White Wolf

I am finished, I am leaving the lands.... All that I had asked for was respect for the arts of battle, and the arts of trade. I have been accused of many crimes I did not commit, and once again I see the doors closing on me.

I do hope that you will forgive me for my sudden departure, but I have lost faith in these lands, and in the people that live their lives in vain, not knowing what dangers that are approaching. Those fools!! Can't they see the storm rising!? Can't they see that their lands are slowly but surely consumed by evil! Can't they see that they are only giving the "Evil One" a chance to plant the seed of emptiness in their heart!?

*sigh* I wish you well, and I pray that our paths will cross again. May the Sun guide your path.

535 on the 14th day of Spring

Cat Brightfur .


***** End- Flash News*****