About the Order of the Midnight Sun


The Order of the Midnight Sun is, but is not a clan. It is a group of Exiles who’s purpose is to protect Puddleby and the Lok’ Groton Isles, and to some day help unite the clans.

As a member of the OMS you are required to live by a set of laws. The laws are as follows.

1. You are to live a life of honor and dignity.

2. You are to be honest.

3. You are to serve, protect, and assist those in need, even if it means that you will lay there fallen for a while.

4. You are to be brave in combat.- Being brave, and being reckless are two different things. You are to develop the ability to tell the difference.

5. You are not to steal. - Assisting others, and poaching are two different things. You are to develop the ability to tell the difference.

6. You are to better yourself daily.

7. You are to be generous. - Me Me ME, is not an attitude that is accepted. Selfishness only brings bitter feelings and destruction.

8. You are to be wise. - One foolish move that comes from ignorance can kill the most seasoned party. Not protecting healers because you want that "tag" can kill all in sight. Not healing those who "CAN" keep you alive in a "hot" situation WILL kill all in sight.

9. You are to know yourself. - Knowing your strength is a must. If the largest thing you can solo in the area (without getting to red) is the weakest critter there (such as a large vermine in the Tree Giant Breeding Grounds) you know you are in the wrong place. If the critter that hits you, kills you in one or two swings, you should stay away from the area until you can take the hits, or you are hunting with, or traveling with a group with many who can (and will) take the hits.

10. You are to be kind to new exiles. - Being kind does not mean you are to unravel all the secrets of these lands. However assisting them, being understanding to their mistakes, and helping them learn the way of the lands is most important.

11. You are to be respectful of those who elder than you, and of those who are more seasoned than you. - with proper respect shown, you will find that you are assisted more in times of trouble.

12. You are to work day and night to better the world we live in.
Deeds, not words are what count.

13. You are to learn to fight as a team. - a small but well seasoned team of exiles who can work together, can survive some of the worst invasions. You are to learn how to fight with others, read their thoughts, and work as if you were all parts of one body.

No one is perfect. You will not be taken off the team just because you fail in one area. However, if many witness acts where you do not abide by the laws, the Elders will gather to discuss the issue. The Elders may decide to remove you from the group until you have proven that you can trusted again.

There are 4 classes of exiles in the OMS.

The Elders of the Midnight Sun (known as the Elders)

These 2 to 3 long time members of the OMS are the only ones with the power to ask any one to join OMS. One of the Elders will be your leader, and the other two his/her generals.
If you would like to see if you too can become a member of OMS, the Elders would be the ones to ask.
The current Elders are:

White Wolf



The Followers of the Midnight Sun (known as Full members)

Anyone proven that they are worthy of the title of OMS are accepted as full members. Full members have say in the direction of the group. And may organize hunts and events with the Elders.

The Apprentice of the Midnight Sun (known as apprentice)

Anyone new in the OMS or those who are not ready to be full members yet. To become a full member you will need at least 4 full members (with at least 1 Elder) to recommend you as a full member. You will be under the protection of OMS and may join all activities, but will not have much say in the turn of events. If an Apprentice can not prove him/her self in one year time, you may be cast out from OMS until ready, or depending on the exile, forever.

Knights of the Midnight Sun

The Knights of the Midnight Sun, are members of the OMS as Knights, even though they may be of a different clan. They command the same respect as Followers, and are known for their bravery and dignity.

Members of OMS are to freely hunt with other clans, and are free to participate in their events if invited. OMS does not have set meeting dates, nor do we have set group hunts. However, as a member of OMS it is your duty to learn about your brothers and sisters in arms, and to train to hunt as a team. If you see other members it would be wise to spend some time with them too.

In case of war or invasions, it will be your duty to defend puddleby, unless that is, you need to study, or you are in the process of saving another fallen exile on the way to the battle grounds. It is far more effective to fight in groups in such situations, and a well trained battle group can save the day.

If you would like to join the OMS, or have any questions please contact White Wolf.